South Pole - 66 days

60 minutes (ENG / NOR)

With his expedition partner Astrid, Sivert participated on what became a race against time following the historical Amundsen-route to the South Pole. It all culminated with the party reaching the Pole on 17 January 2018 - just a few hours before the last flight out. Sivert and his companion had to go through severe storms that changed the game, extreme cold and time pressure on their 1200 km long ski-expedition.


This lecture will cover themes like motivation, misfortune,honest  inter-personal relations, good luck and discouragement. You will get a very good insight to what it does to your mind and body to spend that much time in the harsh Antarctic environment with physical and mental challenges.

Tailor made

45 minutes - full day (ENG / NOR)

With his experiences from expeditions, leadership and strategic consulting, Sivert can tailor-make lectures to suit your company and your challenges.

From shorter motivational speeches to more workshop oriented exercises, Sivert has long experience in working with different businesses and teams.

Present your needs and challenges and together you find a form and theme that fit your organization best.